Dave Cordery

Deputy Chairperson

Dave has been living with MS for about 14 years.   He had been physically active his entire life and enjoyed an active career in the Navy whilst also involved with sport. His life was somewhat upended with his diagnosis of MS.   However by making some significant life changes, Dave was able to adjust to living a full and active life with MS.  He is now a co-owner and director of Blanchard NZ and enjoys helping people and organisations flourish by equipping leaders at all levels with the skills and tools to maximise their performance and engagement.  He still likes to keep as mobile and as fit as possible and regularly frequents his local gym. He also enjoys gardening and music, and he can often be found, entertaining locals with his guitar.

Dave is enjoying being part of the MS Waikato Board of Trustees giving something back to the organisation that helped him out a lot in the early years of his diagnosis.