MS Waikato maintains a library of books, and other relevant DVDs and publications to support both clients and their families. These resources are free for members to borrow.

Please contact us if you wish to reserve a copy of one of these.


Huntingtons Disease and the Human Brain – Research Professor Richard Faull (2009)

The Inheritance - Bridget Lyon


Huntingtons Disease – The Facts - Oliver Quarrell

The Test – Living in the shadow of Huntington’s Disease - Jean Barèma

The woman who walked into the sea - Alice Wexler

(Huntington’s and the making of a genetic disease)

Faces of Huntington’s - Carmen Leal-Pock

How to help children through a parents serious illness - Kathleen McCue M.A., C.C.L.S

Handbook on Health and Nutrition for those with Huntington’s Disease - HD Association Wellington

Genes and Generations – Living with Huntington’s Disease - Alison Gray

Early Warning – Cases and Ethical Guidance for pre-symptomatic testing in Genetic Diseases - David H Smith

Huntington’s and Me – A guide for young people - Alison Gray

Is Daddy OK? – A kids look at Huntington’s Disease - Janet L. Howes

The official Patients Sourcebook on Huntington’s Disease - James N. Parker M.D

Long Black Please - Linda Henderson

Inside the O’Brien’s - Lisa Genova