Huntington's Disease (HD)

Huntington's Disease is an inherited progressive neurological disorder.

A faulty gene damages certain cells in some areas of the brain. Symptoms may vary from person to person and within each family, and can include physical, mental and emotional changes.

In most cases HD is a late onset disease and symptoms generally appear when a person reaches their mid thirties to forties, it may also appear in older people or in rare cases in childhood.

Because HD is hereditary, it is a family disease. Research into Huntingtons Disease is worldwide and although there is no cure, there are strategies and support services available to assist families and those affected by the condition.

Services offered by MS Waikato:

  • Support, advice, education, and advocacy, for people with HD and their care givers and families
  • Telephone follow-up at time of acute need
  • Referral to other agencies’ services as appropriate
  • Annual HD evening’s that offer latest research and treatment options, and an opportunity to meet others who have or are supporting a loved one with HD.
  • Various other events to bring HD families together to offer support and educational opportunities as needs arise.

New counselling service by HDYO

HDYO have recently launched a counselling support fund of $15,000 to support young people in NZ who are impacted by Huntington’s Disease to access counselling services.

For more information, click here to link to HDYO’s website.